Airport & Aerodrome Management and Operations

UAS is capable of providing the following services to any Airport or Aerodrome as per Transport Canada Standards & Regulations.

UAS will participate with and provide expertise during scope development as requested.

  • Airport/Aerodrome Management
  1. Emergency Planning
  2. Safety Plans
  3. Airport Operations Manual
  4. Wildlife Plans
  5. Security Plans
  6. Restricted Radio Operators Certificates
  7. Airside Vehicle Operators Permits
  • Refueling
  1. Provide aircraft fuel for both JetA and Avgas 100LL requirements
  2. Into-plane, drums and long term storage facilities
  3. Full in-house quality control and training meeting both CSA and IATA fuel standards
  4. Operating and full maintenance of refueling trucks and tanks farms
  • Airfield Maintenance (all staff are trained to Transport Canada Standards)
  1. Plow Trucks
  2. Runway Sweepers
  3. Snow Blowers
  4. Loaders
  5. Sand/Chemical Trucks
  6. Graders
  7. Mowers
  8. Runway Surface Condition Reports
  • Equipment Maintenance
  1. Staff & Contractors provide maintenance services to all Airport Equipment
  • Airfield Electrical Repair & Service
  1. Staff & Contractors provide electrical services to all Airport Equipment
  • Radio & Weather Services
  1. Aircraft Advisory Services
  2. Weather
  3. Traffic (Airport/Aerodrome)
  4. Surface Conditions
  5. Vehicle Traffic Control
  • Aircraft Ground Support
  1. Baggage Service
  2. Aircraft de-ice & anti-ice
  3. Lavatory
  4. Fresh Water
  5. Ground Power Units
  6. Aircraft Grooming
  7. Aircraft Refueling
  • Logistical Support
  1. Aircraft Charters (Passenger or Cargo)
  2. Passenger & Baggage Check-in
  3. Reservations

Universal Aviation Services Corporation can provide trained personnel for Airport/Aerodrome Operations on short notice for any size aviation operations, should it be short or long term, we will meet your needs.