Universal Aviation Services Corporation is a Fort McMurray based company operating  at the Fort McMurray Airport. We also operate the Horizon Aerodrome located approximately 90 kilometers north of Fort McMurray.

With over 60 employees, our business presently carries out the following functions:

  1. Refueling of aircraft. We supply Jet fuel and 100LL gasoline at the Fort McMurray Airport and Jet fuel at the CNRL Horizon Project Aerodrome,
  2. Ground servicing of scheduled airlines. We provide full ground handling services for Air Canada Jazz Charters, Air Canada Charters, Corporate Express, Transwest Air, Northwestern Air and Suncor Aviation
  3. Ground servicing of executive jets and other transient aircraft. Through our association with McMurray Aviation, we can access hangar and AME services for our clients.
  4. Ground servicing of charters such as the Canadian North and North Cariboo regular charters for oil companies.
  5. Supplying and filling of fuel drums for remote helicopter operations.
  6. Managing and operating the CNRL Horizon Project Aerodrome.

Comprised of several rotational staff, UAS provides the following services at oilsands industry Aerodromes:

  1. Aerodrome Management
  2. Logistic Support
  3. Passenger & Baggage Check-in
  4. Aircraft Ground Handling
  5. Aircraft Radio & Weather
  6. Aircraft Refueling (Jet “A”)
  7. Winter & Summer Runway Maintenance
  8. Emergency Planning
  9. Safety Plans
  10. Wildlife Plans & Control